Monday, 28 May 2012

#264: It Depends

Yesterday I admired a friend’s sunglasses, and she whipped them off to reveal a second pair of glasses with clear lenses underneath.

“They are Fitovers”, she said, waving the sunglasses and naming the brand, “but I call them my Depends.”

Good for her.  You might as well laugh about the “assistive devices” that make the aging process more comfortable.

I confessed to her that I have lost two pairs of expensive Fitovers.  But since mine were not as nice looking as hers, (“old lady glasses” is what my daughter called them), perhaps it was no accident that I laid them down somewhere and walked off.  If I had thought to give my wraparound sunglasses a pet name, there might have been more love in my love/hate relationship with them. 

But perhaps all that is really needed to boost Fitovers' cool factor is an image makeover.  In fact, a search of the web reveals that this has already happened in Australia,  with a Fitover TV advert that brings new meaning to the idea of "protection".  Who wouldn't want to wear these sunglasses? 

And speaking of "protection", I see that the advertising moguls are also having a go at Depends, finessing the brand and making it seem more acceptable to discerning older consumers.  Trying to get away from the “adult diaper” image, the new slogan is “Looks and fits like underwear. Protects like nothing else."  There are new models too.  Goodbye June Allyson, hello Flirty Model sashaying down the street and shaking her long hair and her padded booty. 

I was a bit concerned about youngsters Isabelle Brasseur and PJ Stock as Depends’ spokes models, however.
Stock's disposable jockeys
Too far, too much and too unbelievable is what I thought.  Then I did an online search and discovered what they don’t tell you in the commercial.  These two are wearing their Depends to show that men and women living with “below the waist” cancers can wear sort-of-sexy “underwear”, too.

Who knows if the prostate cancer market will care one way or the other, but at least I can stop feeling embarrassed for Isabelle and PJ! 

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  1. As the population ages we will see more and more folks using adult diapers out of necessity. Considering the stigma associated with the use of these products it's good that younger celebraties and folks like Lisa Rinne are going public about these products. I applaud Stock, Brasseur and some NFL players are helping to publicize Depends new adult diapers.