Tuesday, 29 May 2012

#265: It Takes Two

No one who works ever invites people to dinner on a Monday (not unless Monday is a day off), but retirees can invite guests any time.

My husband has just made a big point of mentioning this, adding that we could not have pulled off last night's dinner-on-the-deck, the first of the season, and for company, without both of us pitching in. But some of us pitched with more ability than others.

Bruce may think otherwise,  but he was largely responsible for the dinner's success.  He marinated and grilled the chicken, made the rice, baked a pan of brownies, vacuumed the family room and washed the kitchen floor.  For my part,  I turned up late in the afternoon and did what I do best:  assemble things. I made a salad, set out some grapes and cheese, organized a simple dessert and cooked the asparagus.  I also set the table, but it was just another job  that required no talent.

Our first outdoor meal of the season was a success thanks to good food, good company and balmy outdoor temperatures.   At 10:30, we were still on the deck finishing the last of the wine.  Our guests (who are not retired) were impressed.  We were impressed.  We could do this again!

Weekday guests?  No problem -- as long as the same job-sharing arrangement applies.


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