Thursday, 24 May 2012

#260: Sh*t Retirees Say

You’ve no doubt seen those YouTube videos of “Sh*t Girls Say”.

I wonder what the retiree equivalent might be.  Are there classic "seniorisms" that reveal our age even if they can't see our greying hair? 

Alas, I fear it is too true.

Even without obvious references to the fact that they are pre-boomers and subject to the indignities of aging, pensioners unintentionally identify themselves by making innocent comments such as:
Can you read this menu?  
Sorry. What did you say?
I’m staying well. How about you?
I just have a few pictures...
Just wait.  It will come to me.
Do you have any decaf?
Well (checking watch), it is past my bedtime....
Have you seen my car keys?
What was I looking for?
I’ll just get my grandson to show me.
What’s my password?
Is my phone off?  How do I turn it off?
I did it before by accident...

(Except for the reference to a grandson, I am sure that I have uttered every one of these statements.  It is enough to make to make me think twice about ever opening my mouth in younger company.  I might as well dig out my negative heel sandals and orange caftan.)

 A few years ago I would have added some version of You'll never catch me doing that in reference to anything computer-related.  But recently,  more retirees do seem be recognizing the benefits of technology and are making friends -- even if they are not embracing it.   Several residents at the retirement home where I volunteer use laptops and some now have iPads and e-readers, gifts from family members.
I expect that there will be a substantial learning curve as they get the hang of these new devices and that should make for a lot of Sh*t Retirees Say as demonstrated in the delightful Webcam 101 for Seniors Worth checking out if you haven't already seen it.

And who cares if the Huffmans burble "sh*t" until the cows come home* ?  This couple has a great attitude.

*more "sh*t" retirees say

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