Monday, 7 May 2012

#243: The Teacher Advantage

At Qi Gong today, our instructor asked how many of us were retired teachers.  Of the twenty-or-so people in the group, at least half put their hands up.

When I discover a coincidence like this, I naturally wonder what is going on.  Are teachers natural joiners?  Do they just prefer to learn in a class setting?  How peculiar that this particular class is so popular with this group..... 

Or maybe it is not so strange.

My guess is that many of these former teachers worked together and they have kept in touch.  One of them may have enthused about the classes and pretty soon, they are all Strolling over the Mountains or Reaching up to Support the Heavens.

And exercise is not the only benefit.  They are learning a new skill and hanging out with friends.

I am tempted to observe that if you want a happy, healthy retirement, it helps to have gone to teachers’ college thirty or forty years earlier.

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