Thursday, 3 May 2012

# 239: The Seniors' Special

I was recently having coffee in a restaurant with a retired friend when we noticed the "seniors' specials" on offer before 5 p.m.    We recoiled in horror.  What is it about wanting older people to eat before everyone else gets home from work?   It puts me in mind of feeding the children first so that their parents can sit down later to a grown-up dinner.

Retirement residences, too, fill their dining rooms at 5:00 or 5:30, although these early meals are probably dished up for the convenience of staff who want to get home to eat with their own families.

As for the restaurant menu, the offerings for seniors didn't look all that appealing.  There were about 5 choices, all bland and denture-friendly.  I wanted to interview the wait staff and ask "Is this a popular service? Just how old are your older diners ?  Does anyone ever ask for a senior's serving of pad thai?"

But of course, I kept my mouth shut.

I just hope that retiring boomers have different expectations.  Perhaps a "seniors" menu available after 7: 30 consisting of interesting ethnic fare with suitable wine pairings?

I could go for that.

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