Monday, 2 April 2012

#208: Rolling Along

Little did I know when I first listened to the Beatles back in 1966, that 46 years later there would be an electric wheelchair by that name.  A Dutch company You Q, that sells mobility aids, has been promoting the Beatle on their website.

But Apple Corps (the company formed by the Beatles) protested the use of the familiar trademark,  and last week judges in the EU agreed, ruling (according to the story in The Guardian)  "that there was a risk of confusion with the pop group even though the youth and vigour represented by the group contrasted with the reduced mobility of wheelchair customers.....There was in fact a connection, according to the judges, because some original Beatles fans may now be wheelchair users."

Nice try, You Q.   But it is probably just as well, as far as I am concerned.

At some future date, do I really want to be propelling myself around in a Beatle?  Now, if it were a Rolling Stone.....?

That makes much more sense.


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