Thursday, 26 April 2012

#232: More "Magic"

De-briefing my daughter about the Kreskin date that she initiated, I realized that one of the pleasures of the evening was the realization that Bruce and I were probably the oldest people in the audience. 

Glenn Gould studio is a smallish venue (300 seats) so we could clearly see the rest of the group – families, students, young and middle aged couples, but hardly any folks that I would describe as “senior”. 

Nice.  Being an older person in a predominately young crowd makes one feel trendy and hip.

Conversely, when you are among the youngest in an audience, you begin to consider the advantage of pre-paid funerals.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons so few symphony- goers are on the sunny side of 60.  Who wants hang out with a bunch of seniors who nod off the moment the conductor picks up his baton?

Advice to struggling orchestras (and other arts organizations):  attract a younger crowd and everyone will have a good time.   

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