Saturday, 7 April 2012

#213: No-Brainer

It is nice to have finally completed 40 posts for The Reluctant Retiree Abroad.  That pretty well wraps up my 6 week trip to New Zealand.

Now that I have loaded the last picture I realize that I would never have created a travel blog had I not been retired.  For one thing, picture loading proved to be quite time consuming.  I suspect that Blogspot may not be the best program for this sort of thing, but the point is, I had the time.

For that matter, I could never have escaped for 6 weeks holiday while working!  And it was such a rewarding trip even though the weather was very iffy for most of the time we were away.  (I understand that it has shaped up a lot since we came home.  Isn't that always the way?)

So, yes, the opportunity to travel sweetens retirement considerably. It might even be the best thing about my new status.   

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