Friday, 27 April 2012



Today I actually read my OMERS newsletter, the quarterly missive that comes from the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System with news about my pension fund.

I do consider it important reading—it is about money, after all-- but for almost a year I have avoided finding out anything other than essential OMERS info: how much am I getting and when does it arrive?  I think I might have been in retirement denial.

Still, in spite of my recent behaviour, I can’t promise I’ll read the next newsletter, although I’m not throwing them out.  I like to have a pile of suitable reading material as a hedge against insomnia and the OMERS Retired Member News is clearly written, nicely designed, full of practical information and about as exciting as the manual for my microwave.

But I did read the Spring edition. What does this mean?

Perhaps I am becoming a real retiree. 

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  1. you're using OMG as your title for this entry. i dont think you're quite the "retiree" prototype quite yet.