Saturday, 21 April 2012

#227: 300

Three hundred dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Not bad.

That is my total, so far, after having visited most of the neighbours on my street.  Although I didn't intend to spend part of Saturday canvassing, I went out this morning and afternoon in the hope of seeing people who weren't available earlier in the week  I still have 5 or 6 houses to go, but I'm done for today. 

And it was good.  Although it wasn't the best canvassing experience I've ever had, it was preferable to what I would have been up to last year on the Saturday before the Volunteer Appreciation Reception.  Then, 300 would have been the number of little details on my Reception To-Do List : flower arranging, checking the power point presentation about volunteer activities for the umpteenth time, laying out rental dishes for lunch, putting name tags in order and discovering that * Aaaaargh! * one is missing, and how did that happen, and phoning my husband to say "Don't expect me any time soon. I still have a few jobs to do....."

So I am certainly not complaining that only two neighbours were home, or that I was canvassing in my winter coat, hat and scarf. 

I had an excellent day.

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