Monday, 9 April 2012

#215: No Excuses

For many years now, I have canvassed every April on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society.  I always do my own street—people know me, so they are more inclined to be generous.

But when I was working,  even though I virtuously visited all my neighbours and collected a decent amount of money for a worthy cause, canvassing was a huge nuisance, barely off set by the pleasure of  hearing all the street gossip. Every year I would swear it was my last.

But now that  I am now retired, I am looking forward to a fabulous canvassing experience.  So much is in my favour: 
  •  In the past, I was never able to find time to canvass before the April volunteer reception had taken place. Now, in theory, I have the entire month.
  • With more time, I can also pick and choose the warmest days.  Perhaps I won’t have to wear my winter coat this year when I go door to door
  •  I can canvass, if I so choose, in the daytime.  This will be much more agreeable than going house to house in the dark after working all day.
  • Canvassing during the day and in the evening, I should be able to reach everyone on my street.... eventually.
Am I setting myself for  failure?  There ere are so many good reasons to get out there and knock on doors, that I don’t know how I will explain myself if I fail to exceed last year’s collection!

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  1. Go for it Nancy. It's good work. I do hope you are cheered on your way by many cups of coffee and cakes as you make your way around your area.