Sunday, 8 April 2012

#214: Dr. Ruth

I first became aware of sex therapist Ruth Westheimer 25 years ago when she burst on the talk-show scene as a grandmotherly purveyor of up-to-the minute advice about all things sexual.

Now, at 83, she is more grandmotherly than ever, but still going strong with a new book, Sexually Speaking: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Sexual Health, co-written with gynecologist Amos Grunebaum.  Dr. Ruth is currently doing the talk –show rounds promoting the book, which is how I became aware that she was still plying her trade and is still up with the times, although she admits being taken aback by her colleague’s contribution on page 61 about the pros and cons of shaving pubic hair.

She can be embarrassed about whatever she wants. I am just so relieved that she has not retired. 

As the people I rely on (radio announcers, dentists, hairdressers) join the ranks of the formerly-employed, it is nice to know that Dr. Ruth is not going anywhere.  And if she needs a new project, I have a suggestion.  How about an updated, age adjusted edition of Dr. Ruth’s Sex After 50 for the after 60 crowd?    

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  1. No one much wants to discuss the issues of sex-after-60. The truth of the matter is that for many folks it just gets increasingly weird.