Thursday, 12 April 2012

#218: The Notebook (Again)

I finally went in search of a new, fat little coil bound notebook at the Staples shop at the far end of town.

(I think of it as “Senior Staples” since it is next door to the retirement home where I volunteer, and smack dab in the middle of a neighbourhood full of apartments and townhouses largely populated by retirees.  “Student Staples” near the university is in my neck of the woods.)

Senior Staples caters to their clientele.  They have fewer electronic gadgets and business items, and more traditional paper products. They still sell pen and paper do-it-yourself Will Kits.  It is a good place to buy a small notebook.

And there were lots of notebooks for sale, but only one of the sort that I wanted.  I speculated about who might have purchased the others, and what they were doing with them. Some of my retirement home Bookmobile clients used similar notebooks.  Were they compulsive list makers, like me?

Then I recalled the Comment made by my daughter Jenny a couple of days ago when I first blogged about “The Notebook”.  She referred to semi-serious list items such as Get out of bed and Put on bra—the sort of thing one might write down in an attempt to feel productive, especially if one is 25 and procrastinating.  I imagined these prompts in the context of the retirement home and shuddered.

Surely my bright, interesting Riverside Glen readers were not keeping notebooks in order to stave off dementia.

What do you put in your notebook? is not a question I’m going to ask my retirement-home friends.  For all I know they are fill their little books with poetry.

I grabbed the last one and headed for the check-out.       

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