Sunday, 1 January 2012

#165: Resolution

I really must do more reading in 2012.

It would help if I could lighten up a bit about daytime reading.  Much as I love to read, it often seems much too indulgent.  Daylight hours are for useful, productive tasks like gardening/ exercising /volunteering / making dinner.

Pre-retirement, I confessed my puritanical reading habits to one of my library volunteers.  She admitted that as a retiree, she has the same problem but has come up with a guilt-free fix:  read fiction in the evening and non-fiction in the afternoon.

Oh oh.  This might not work. Her solution likely requires discipline.  But I have another idea.  If I read any book, morning, noon or night, I can always call it “research”.  After all, I have to make informed choices for my readers at the retirement home where I am the library volunteer.  Right?  

There’s nothing like a good rationalization.

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  1. Catching up on your blog. I have reading guilt issues as well. I feel embarrassed to be reading fiction at the breakfast table -- not a problem if I am alone, though.

    I generally read a magazine or a non-fiction book at breakfast time. Right now, my non-fiction book-of-choice is Dr. Andrew Weil's book on happiness.