Wednesday, 4 January 2012

#168: Fair Weather Housewife

I have always wondered why people who did their own housework while they were working, suddenly hired a cleaning service after they retired.  Had they run out of energy?

But now that I am my own cleaning lady, I think I understand why help may be required, and it has nothing to do with stamina or the lack thereof.

I am able, for example, to dust light fixtures and scrub bathtubs and schlep the vacuum cleaner. (I even drag Mr. Hoover up and down stairs and tell myself it is weight bearing exercise.)   But unless sunlight is pouring into every room, I haven't a clue about what I am dusting, scrubbing, or hoovering. I am stunned by this realization.   

So forget muscle.  My Swiffer/ scrubber/vacuum cleaner needs an operator with young eyes. It is either that or waste every sunny day on housework. 

Or I guess I could invite friends over on gray and gloomy days when they (like me)  don't  know what they are missing.

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