Friday, 27 January 2012

#190: Happiness

I lied a tiny bit when I claimed to have learned nothing new so far from Jane Fonda’s book on successful aging, Prime Time.  Listening to chapter 9, I discovered that happy, positive older people live 7 1/2 years longer than grumpy ones. (No details are offered about how this study was conducted.  Perhaps the unhappy oldsters were ill.  No wonder they were bad tempered.  No wonder they didn't live as long.)

Still. 7 1/2 extra years is nothing to sniff at, especially today when I can report on two events that pleased me greatly.
  1.  I came from my Qi Gong class feeling almost coordinated --less like a balletic stork than usual.  It   seems that I can teach my old body new moves!
  2. While reorganizing the retirement home library, I met a very keen and appreciative resident who would like to help with the labelling. And she was once a library volunteer!
I’ll just tuck these happy incidents into my longevity bank for later withdrawal.

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