Wednesday, 25 January 2012

#188: Overheard...

At the retirement home library today, I continued to tackle the labeling of the refreshed collection when I heard an older woman's voice in the hall outside.

"The little librarian is here again today...mumble... mumble... mumble....a lot of new books, too."

I wanted to rush out and get her to repeat herself with clearer enunciation.  Surely she said something like  'The Romance stories are much easier to identify!"

I'll take what I can get.  I might quibble with little, but she is right -- there are a lot of new books.  And all the genres will be easy to identify when I have finished the job!


  1. Do romance books feature because they are always a popular genre, or is this something that happens to us as our wattles and upper arms begin to sag?
    Anyway, those comments apart, it sounds like a compliment on your transformation of their library.
    I never thought of you as 'little', Nancy, but who knows, perhaps the previous librarian was a 20 stoner (280 pounds).

    1. You are right -- the library looks ever so much better, but it was appalling to begin with so anything I could do would be a help.

      about Romance Lit---
      Although not all women like Romance Fiction, women of all ages read this genre. From my experience, the younger ones like Vampire romance (Love Bites....) and the seniors(toothless, perhaps) prefer something sweet and tender.