Sunday, 8 January 2012

#172: Customer at Starboard!

A friend emailed me a story about a retired admiral who now works as a Walmart greeter. Although that wouldn’t be my first choice (especially if I were a retired naval officer) I do know many, many retirees who are much happier if they are still “working”.  For a couple of days a week they want to do something productive, socialize with others, and earn a bit of money.

Dabbling in ones former profession (that would be me) doesn’t count.  The people I really admire are the ones who are willing to try something outside their comfort zone, acquiring and applying new skills for fun and profit.

Some new jobs are more intriguing than others.  I know a guy who left teaching and took to driving the local “airporter” (no appeal for me), a former secretary who works occasionally as a movie extra (hmmmm), and another woman who retired from her university job, went to beauty school, relocated to a resort town, and set up a home based nail salon (wow!)      

Not that it always pans out. The worst new-job experience was recounted by a friend who was so bored after retiring from her position at a hospital lab that she went to work at a local Tim Horton’s.  After 3 days, full of admiration for Tim’s employees and their stamina, patience and good humour, she quit.  All that twisting, bending, lifting, standing and smiling was just too physically demanding.  Her 63 year-old body did not want to be employed in the fast food industry.

I took her word for it.  At least I know what new job to not to consider.

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