Friday, 13 January 2012

#177: No SAD Beginnings

Today my retirement home readers were feeling a bit low.  I was less than perky, too.

Blame it on the weather.  Today is cold, damp and overcast, a typical January day.   That sunshine we enjoyed earlier in the week?  It was an anomaly – that’s why we all responded with Palovian cheeriness and energy.  Take the sunshine away and we droop.

My reaction to gloomy weather almost borders on SAD, so it is a mystery to me why I originally decided to retire last January.  My boss set me straight. “Are you crazy?  You leave your job, you go home, and what do you do?  Shovel snow?  At least wait until spring, or better yet, summer."

She was absolutely right.  I’ve never been happy with my January birthday, so you would think I would have known better than to wreck another auspicious event by giving it a mid-winter start up.

Of course, if you live in the southern hemisphere, or if your winter retirement is to be followed immediately by two months in Arizona, go for it. Retire at the first of the year. But if you want a cheerful start to your big life change event, June is a good month.  Wear a pretty dress to your retirement party, and then to a summer wedding.  For a few months you can even fool yourself into thinking you are on holidays.     

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