Friday, 6 January 2012

#170: Chic(k) Knits

A woman in Guelph has made the news because of backyard poultry she acquired as a retirement present.   

When a couple of her new chickens started losing feathers, probably because they were being picked on by their coop-mates, the enterprising owner came up with a solution so creative that it hit the papers.  She made little sweaters for the featherless birds.

These fashionable fowl are, apparently,  now much happier. They are warm and cozy and are growing new plumage. (I bet the sweaterless bullies are really jealous, too.)  

So I am thinking feathered pets (probably non-allergic) and knitting. That`s a fun combination. And don’t forget the eggs...

Raising urban poultry seems to have a lot to recommend it.

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