Monday, 9 January 2012

#173: Celebrity Advice

I am about to begin listening to Prime Time, Jane Fonda’s new book on aging (and other things).   I heard an interview with her recently, and she sounded like a retiree who is plenty happy.  Perhaps I’ll learn a thing or two.

The last time I read a celebrity guide to growing older, it was Helen Gurley Brown’s The Late Show.  That was almost twenty years ago, so I guess I can be forgiven for remembering only one detail from the entire book. What I recall is the advice in her “use it or lose it” chapter about senior sex. Brown (always concerned about the sex lives of single women) recommends that if necessary, vaginal health can be encouraged with help of a good-sized carrot.

Makes you think twice about the phrase “vegetable lover”, doesn’t it?

Back in 1993, the 69 year old author seemed "elderly".  Ha!  It is all relative. Now I’m thinking she was rather young to have written a book about getting old.

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