Tuesday, 17 January 2012

#180: The Saddest Day?

So it turns out that for millions of people, yesterday was the saddest day of the year.

That's too bad. They would have had a better time with me and my Toronto daughter contemplating options at the Body Blitz spa.  Birthday suit or bathing suit?  Green tea hot pool or hot green tea?  45 minute scrub ‘n oil or the super scrub ‘n oil for 90 minutes? 

Even though I was not working (see news item above) I had a fun day adding a brand new experience to my “things to do before I die” list. Until I tried it, I didn’t even know that “visit spa” needed to be on mine.

I do regret a couple of choices. For the record, I opted for my bathing suit although another time I might bare all.  I avoided the hot green tea pool and drank scalding tea instead.  But 45 minutes with Olga my spa attendant (who rubbed, scrubbed, hosed and oiled) was just perfect.  I was glad to be the oilee, however. Olga seemed happy enough, but I have to say that I cannot imagine doing that job all day long.  Then I really would be sad, and really looking forward to retirement.          

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  1. Well, Nancy, they did not take into account that 16 January is a fab day for a birthday and it sounds as if your mother and daughter day was wonderful; a day of being pampered!
    Just for your information, Monday 16th here was one of a succession of brilliant summer days (but on Wednesday it clouded over and today it is a bit cloudy and very blustery. However, those lazy, hazy days of summer will return soon, I am sure.