Tuesday, 10 January 2012

#174: Maintainance

This morning I walked to my opticians for the first time, ever.  It’s only a ½ hour away, but when I was working I just never had enough time. Today, I could take advantage of the unnaturally warm January temperatures and get a bit of exercise complete with hiking boots and a backpack weighted down with old clothes and books.

This had better be the first of many such excursions.  I am suddenly aware of the need to get ready for our February hiking and backpacking holiday where 20 km days will be the norm.

We did a similar trip about 6 years ago and as I recall, I did little to get physically ready. Ontario winter weather that year was not conducive to outdoor training unless one counted snow shoveling.  I spent a few hours in preparation on the basement treadmill with a backpack, and hoped for the best.       

This time around I am feeling the need to log more conditioning time, so if the weather holds, I’ll add a few extra books to the load, and walk a bit further.  Sadly, maintaining a decent level of fitness now seems to take twice as long as it did when I was younger.   

Fortunately, I do have the time.   And *sigh* I can justify the effort as an "investment".

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